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                            AREAS OF PRACTICE

We work with our clients during the initial fact-finding phase and throughout the entire litigation process. The Law Office of Natasha P. Johnson, P.A. carefully considers every option to amicably settle all disputes in order to save time, expense and to preserve the relationship between the parties. When necessary, the Law Office of Natasha P. Johnson, P.A. will provide aggressive representation in state court to protect the interests of its clients.

The areas of practice include Criminal Law, Delinquency Law, Family Law, Probate Matters and Dependency Law.

FAMILY LAW                                         CRIMINAL LAW

This law office understands the strain that is placed on a family in a pending divorce.  A family experiences varying emotions when making a determination about the best interest of the children, the division of property and assets, and other financial issues that arise from a dissolution action.

If the husband and wife can agree on every issue pertaining to the dissolution, then the divorce will be considered uncontested. An uncontested divorce can save the parties a considerable expense. If the husband and wife cannot agree about every issue in the pending dissolution, then the divorce proceedings will be considered contested and will require mediations and possible court appearances.

We work with the parties to try to reach an early resolution in an attempt to save our clients the expense of litigation. The Law Office of Natasha P. Johnson, P.A. represents clients in the following family law actions:

Contested Divorces
Uncontested Divorces
Child Support
Child Custody
Visitation/Time Sharing
Paternity Cases
Martial Settlement Agreements
Modification of Child Support
Modification of Child Custody
Divorce Modifications
Property Settlements
Domestic Violence Injunctions

Department of Children and Families Dependency Cases

Shelter Hearings
Dependency Trials
Termination of Parental Rights
DCF Adoptions

Step-Parent Adoptions
Relative Adoptions
Grandparent Adoptions
The Law Office of Natasha P. Johnson, P.A. aggressively advocates for clients in most misdemeanor, felony and juvenile offenses, including but not limited to the following:

Bond Hearings
Violation of Probation
Community Control Violations

Violent Offenses

Domestic Violence
Aggravated Battery
Battery on a LEO
Child Abuse/Neglect

Traffic Offenses
Reckless Driving
Driving while License Suspended
Violating License Restrictions
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Fleeing and Eluding

Weapons Charges
Felony Possession of a Firearm
Poss of Firearm by a Convicted Felon

Theft Offenses
Petty Theft
Robbery with a Firearm
Resisting a Merchant
Worthless Checks

Drug Offenses
Drug Possession
Drug Sale and Delivery
Drug Trafficking

Resisting Arrest
Resisting with Violence
Juvenile Offenses

                     ATTORNEY/CLIENT PRIVILEGE

The communications and correspondences with the Law Office of Natasha P. Johnson, P.A. is confidential and is subject to Attorney/Client Privilege. The Attorney/Client Privilege is a law that protects communications between attorneys and their clients. The communications will remain confidential and this privilege encourages openness and honesty between attorneys and their clients because attorneys cannot reveal attorney/client communications. Additionally, the attorney work product privilege prevents an attorney from disclosing client confidences to opposing parties.

To advise a client properly, an attorney must have a complete knowledge of the facts, including any "bad" or "damaging" fact. The attorney/client privilege and the attorney work product privilege create a protection of privacy so that the staff can candidly inform the attorney of all the facts in a confidential and privileged setting.

                        INITIAL CONSULTATION

The Law Office of Natasha P. Johnson, P.A. will meet with you to review and determine your legal needs and proceed accordingly. There will be a minimal consultation fee at the initial visit. Please schedule an appointment and we will be happy to address your needs.